avant GRAPE

Coming from a print background and a strong passion for the web there's not much we can't do to strengthen your brand.

The Juice.

avantGRAPE is the small (home) studio of Ryan and Jaclyn Allen. We are a married couple living in Las Vegas NV with our 2 yr old daughter. Jaclyn writes, concepts, and keeps things straight around here. Ryan is a designer by trade and developer. Jaclyn enjoys a full time job as an aesthetician and ryan works a day job as a senior web designer/developer. When were not working we enjoy renovating our 1963 mid-century modern home, lounging by the pool, making music, and going to rock shows. We are also devout Christians who enjoy studying and practicing our faith.

Making Us Stronger.

Yes, we know it seems a bit crazy but here is a list of our daily reads from you know who, our competitors, or who we like to call inspiration. By keeping current with what the industry leaders are doing, we keep fresh on trends, technologies, and best practices. While some of these experts are out speaking at wonderful conferences and working with huge clients like Nike, UPS, Coca-Cola, etc., it could be hard for the small business owner to afford or grab the attention away from those really "cool" clients. Thats where we come in. We cater more to the small business owner because thats what we are and frankly thats how we like it.